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Welcome to a quick and easy way to protect sensitive information on your computer from children, employers, and anyone else who uses your computer, including hackers!

This software will hide your sensitive files so that they can't be seen or accessed. Files stay hidden even if you turn on "View Hidden Files". Even links in your recent documents menu won't be able to find your hidden files!

For extra security, use a password to prevent anyone from accessing your files. You can run this software in stealth mode so that no one knows it's there, and hide or show your sensitive files using hotkeys.

There has never been an easier way to keep private files REALLY private.

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In order to use the program properly, you must fist create a list of folders you want to manage.

To add a folder to your list, click the "Add" button. Browse to the folder you want to hide and select it. Then click "Ok" to add that folder to your list.

At first, the folder will be listed as "Visible" in the right hand column. Click the checkbox next to the folder to select it, then click the "Hide" button. Your folder will then be hidden from view. No shortcut that points to files in your hidden folder will work any more. If you turn on "View Hidden Folders" in explorer, the folder will still remain hidden. In fact, if you open Windows Explorer and view your folder while you're hiding it you will see it disappear entirely!

Now, keep the folder checkbox checked and click the "Show" button. Your folder and all the files in it will become visible again.

You can add as many folders as you want, and hide or show multiple folders at a time: just check the box next to all the folders you want to show or hide, and then click the "Show" or "Hide" buttons. You can also use the "Select All" and "Deselect All" options in the "Action" menu. The action will be performed on all folders that have their checkbox checked.

The program will warn you if it sees that you are trying to hide a folder in the "Program Files" folder or "Windows" folder (not recommended, since it could cause problems with your operating system). The program will also not allow you to hide any folder that contains the program itself (otherwise, you would never be able to access it again!).

Also, the program will not hide any folders that contain files you are currently working on. If you receive error messages when trying to hide a folder, be sure to close all applications that might be working on files in that folder.

To get the most out of the program, go to the options window and enable hotkeys and stealth mode. That will allow you to show and hide folders using only your keyboard. It's a quick and easy way to show your folders and hide them again with a few keystrokes.

Main Window Controls

Folder List

The folder list is where the program keeps track of all the folders you want to Hide/Show. To perform an action on a particular folder in your list, be sure to click the checkbox next to that folder first. The path to the folder is displayed in the "Folder" column. The status of the folder, hidden or visible, is displayed in the "Status" column. The folder list is automatically encrypted and saved whenever it is edited. The next time you open the program, the list will be exactly the same as it was when you closed the program.

Status Bar

When you perform an action on your list of folders, such as showing or hiding them, the results will be displayed in the Status bar at the bottom of the window. Error messages will also be displayed there.

Add Button

Adds folders to your list. Just browse to the folder you want, select it, and click "Ok". You cannot add any folder that contains this program. You will be warned if you try to add a folder that resides in the Program Files or Windows directories.

Remove Button

Removes any checked folders from your list. You can only remove folders whose status is "Visible".

Hide Button

Hides any checked folders. They will disappear from your file system entirely. You will need to close any open files in the folder before hiding it.

Show Button

Makes any checked folder visible.

Options Button

Opens the Options window to configure password protection and hotkeys.


File Menu
    Add Folder

    Adds a folder to your folder list.

    Remove Selected Folders

    Removes any folder that is checked from your list.

    Remove All Folders

    Removes all folders from your list


    Exits the program.
Action Menu

    Show Selected Folders

    Shows any folder that is checked.

    Show All Folders

    Shows all folders, regardless or whether or not they are checked.

    Hide Selected Folders

    Hides any folder that is checked.

    Hide All Folders

    Hides all folders, regardless of whether or not they are checked.

    Select All

    Checks the checkbox next to all folders in your list.

    Deselect All

    Unchecks the checkbox next to all folders in your list.

Options Menu

Opens the window to display options for password protection and hotkeys.

Help Menu

Displays this file.

About Menu

Displays information about this program

Program Options

Automation Options

    Run at windows startup

    When selected, the program will automatically run when you start your computer.
Stealth Options

    Enter stealth mode when program starts

    When selected, the program will not become visible when it is first started. You will need to use the CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + M hotkey (remember, the M stands for Maximize) to restore the program from stealth mode.

    Enter stealth mode when program minimizes

    When the program is minimized, instead of showing up on your taskbar it will disappear. You will need to use the CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + M hotkey (remember, the M stands for Maximize) to restore the program from stealth mode.

Password Options

    Enter password

    If you want enable a password, enter it here.

    Confirm password

    If you decided to enable a password, you must type the same password here. Otherwise, you password will not be accepted.

    Require password when program starts

    This will require a password when the program is started, but only when it is not started in stealth mode.

    Require password when using Hide All/Show All hotkeys

    This will require a password when you use the Hide All or Show All hotkeys. This is a good way to get a visual confirmation that your hotkeys are working properly.

    Require password when coming out of stealth mode

    This will require a hotkey when you use the CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + M hotkey (remember, the M stands for Maximize) to bring the program out of stealth mode.

Hotkey Options

    Enable Hide All Folders Hotkey

    If enabled, when you press CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + H (the H stands for Hide) the program will hide all the folders in your list. The hotkey will work whether or not the program is in stealth mode.

    Enable Show All Folders Hotkey

    If enabled, when you press CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + S (the S stands for Show) the program will show all the folders in your list. The hotkey will work whether or not the program is in stealth mode.


If you want the program to run completely stealthed, and control it using hotkeys do the following:

Create your list of folders to hide

  • Enable stealth mode when the program starts
  • Enable stealth mode when the program is minimized
  • Enable password protection when the program comes out of stealth mode
  • Enable the Hide All/Show All hotkeys
  • Enable password protection when using the Hide All/Show All hotkeys (optional, this will give you notification that your hotkeys are working properly, and help protect your hidden folders)

What should I do if the program says that one of my folders is hidden or visible, but it's not?

This can happen sometimes if windows experiences an error while you attempt to hide/show a folder.  Just right-click the entry that you are having trouble with and you will be given the option to toggle the status of that between Hidden and Visible.

Just toggle the status, and try again.

For example: you have a hidden folder that you attempt to make visible, and the program says it is "Visible" but it doesn't show up in windows explorer.  Right-click the problem entery and select "Change to 'Hidden' status (if an error occurred and this folder is not really visible)".

The entry will be switched to "Hidden" status.  Now, make sure the check mark next to your folder is checked and click the "Show" button.  This time it should be made visible properly.

Other Questions

Still having issues? Please visit us and email us through our support website at

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Invisible Folders FAQ

Q. What is Invisible Folders?

A. Invisible Folders  is the world’s easiest folder hiding software. It allows you to easily hide your folders, keeping them safe from prying eyes, hackers and viruses. 
Don’t risk being found out – make sure your private information is kept PRIVATE. Hide your folders, with Invisible Folders.

Q. How easy is it to use this program?

A. Invisible Folders allows you to securely hide your folders with just a couple of clicks! Simply select your folder, then click the “Hide” button. It’s LITERALLY that simple!

Q. Can anyone detect Invisible Folders  is running?

A. Absolutely NOT! Invisible Folders runs discreetly in the background, as you use your PC. It doesn’t slow down your computer and doesn’t even show in the Task Manager. It’s completely invisible. Even a computer expert wouldn’t know it was running!

Q. Who can I block from viewing my folders?

Invisible Folders blocks EVERYTHING from viewing your files and folders. That includes home users, administrators, network users, Internet users, even computer programs and viruses.

Q. Is Invisible Folders  safe?

Yes! We spend thousands testing our software and you’re guaranteed of absolute quality. Invisible Folders does not modify the file system structure in anyway whatsoever. It’s completely and utterly safe to use. Even if your computer crashes while Invisible Folders is hiding your folders, there’s no need to panic – your files are always perfectly safe and will be automatically hidden again, until you decide otherwise!

Q. Do I receive free upgrades?

Yes! We don’t believe in charging you extra, just because we’ve dreamed up new features for our software. When you purchase Invisible Folders , you’re entitled to 100% FREE lifetime upgrades and 100% FREE lifetime support. It’s all part of quality promise.

Q. Will Invisible Folders  work on my PC?

You bet! Invisible Folders  works on ANY Windows computer, with any file system. Please note that Invisible Folders  does NOT work on Mac computers.

Q. How quickly will I receive my order?

We’ll send you download links for Invisible Folders the INSTANT you place your order. There’s no waiting, and we’re open 24 hours a day!

Summary of Program Features:

Features List:
  • Add as many folders to the program as you want for quick hiding
  • Hide or Show individual folders or all folders at once
  • Prevents all file access, even from the command prompt, and even from hackers
  • Folders are removed from Windows Explorer entirely
  • Files in folders cannot be accessed, even from shortcuts or recent document lists
  • Run at Windows startup
  • Runs in stealth mode and doesn't show up in the Applications tab when you press Control-Alt-Delete
  • Hotkey for bringing the program out of Stealth Mode
  • Hotkey for hiding all folders
  • Hotkey for showing all folders
  • Password protection when program is opened
  • Password protection when program is brought out of stealth mode
  • Password protection when hotkeys are used to hide or show all folders



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